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Spit Braai Nation is the premium spit braai catering company serving major regions across South Africa. Choose your city and get your quote today for your mouth watering spit roast for your function. 

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Choose your location


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Spit Braai Nation helps you get in touch with the best spit braai catering companies in South Africa. Spit Braai’s are a favorite menu at any event or function in South Africa. 

All you need to do is fill in the form on our website to get a quote from your local spit braai catering expert. 

*If you have problems or want more quotes give us a call directly anytime. 

The cost per head for a full spit roast menu depends on a few different factors such as:

  • How many people are you catering for? The more people the lower the cost per head
  • What cuts of meat do you want? Each type of meat has a different price. Chicken is very affordable while lamb and pork is more expensive but makes for a great tasting spit braai. 
  •  How kind of side dishes do you want? Depending on the side dishes you cost per head can vary a lot. Traditional potatoes with butternut and spinach or do you want fresh salads or both?

The best way to get a per head price is to fill in our online form and we can send you the most current menu and price list for you to decide on. From that, you can choose your own options or take one of our set menus. 

Spit Braai nation has spit braai caterers in all the major centres across South Africa including: